Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings



       DATE                                               NAME

4/21-26, 2024                 Charles Willis - New Caney, TX

10/20-25, 2024               Jared McCrary - Culman, AL

Spring 2025                     Open

10/12-17, 2025               Adam Andrews - Thomasville, AL

4/26-5/1, 2026               Brett Hogland - Blue Springs, MO

October, 2026                 Russ Bowman - Lumberton, TX

4/11-16, 2027                 Andy Cantrell - Minneapolis, MN

10/10-10/15, 2027         Zeke Flores -  Columbus, TX

April, 2028                       Kris Emmerson - Lindale, TX

Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
04/24/24 A Heart to Serve Charles Willis N/A Wednesday Night 4_24_24_A_Heart_to_Serve_Willis.mp3
04/23/24 A Heart to Trust Charles Willis N/A Tuesday Night 4_23_24_A_Heart_to_Trust_Willis.mp3
04/22/24 A Heart to Believe Charles Willis Spring 24' Gospel Meeting Monday Night 4_22_24_A_Heart_to_Believe_Willis.mp3
04/21/24 A Heart To Learn Charles Willis Spring 24' Gospel Meeting Sun 2:00pm 4_21_24_A_Heart_to_Learn_Willis.mp3
04/21/24 Guarding Your Heart Against Sin Charles Willis Spring 24' Gospel Meeting Sun 10:00 AM 4_21_24_am_Gaurding_Your_Heart_Against_Sin_Willis-1713794751.mp3
04/21/24 A Heart to Worship Charles Willis Spring 24' Gospel Meeting Sun 9:00 am 4_21_24_A_Heart_to_Worship_Charles_Willis.mp3
11/03/23 Let Us Not Grow Weary While Doing Good Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Friday Night Mike_Pittman_1_3_23_Let_Us_Not_Grow_Weary_While_Doing_Good.mp3 1_3_23_Let_Us_Not_Grow_Weary_While_Doing_Good.mp3
11/02/23 The Right Interpretation Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Thursday Night 11_2_23_The_Right_Interpretation_Mike_Pittman.mp3
11/01/23 Self-Encouragement Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Wednesday Night 11_1_23_Self-Encouragement_Mike_Pittman.mp3
10/31/23 Parable Of The Talents Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Tuesday Night 10-31-23_The_Parable_Of_The_Talents_Mike_Pittman.mp3
10/30/23 Three Lessons From Ezekiel 18 Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Monday Night 10_30_23_Three_Lessons_From_Ezekiel_18_Mike_Pittman.mp3
10/30/23 What A Doubting Man Came To Understand (Psalm 73) Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Sun 9:00 am 10_29_23_Psalm_73_Mike_Pittman.mp3
10/29/23 How To Live Right Mike Pittman Fall 23' Gospel Meeting Sun 11:00 am 10_29_23_How_To_Live_Right_Mike_Pittman.mp3
09/30/22 Give Me the Mountain Jim Allen N/A Fri Night 09-30-2022_Give_Me_the_Mountain.mp3
09/29/22 Limited Access Darrell Powell N/A Thur Night 09-29-2022_Limited_Access.mp3
09/28/22 Criticisms of the Lords Church Jim Allen N/A Wed Night 09-28-2022_Criticisms_of_the_Lords_Church.mp3
09/28/22 Report_on_Africa Jim Allen N/A Wednesday Morning 09-28-2022_Report_on_Africa.mp3
09/27/22 The Problem of Suffering Jim Allen N/A Tuesday Night 09-27-2022_The_Problem_of_Suffering.mp3
09/26/22 Callenges of Following Jesus Jim Allen N/A Monday Night 09-26-2022_Callenges_of_Following_Jesus_-_Matt._8_18-23.mp3
09/25/22 The Excuses of Moses Jim Allen N/A Sun 10:00 AM 09-25-222_The_Excuses_of_Moses.mp3
09/25/22 Genealogy of Jesus Jim Allen N/A Sun 9:00 am 09-25-2022_Genealogy_of_Jesus.mp3
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